rheaDER 3.19

Free eBook reader for Palm PDAs

rheaDER is an ebook reader - easy-to-use and supporting multiple ebook databases it is an extremely handy reading tool while on the go. Enables one-tap quick lookup of dictionary definitions and of the Bible references available in some of the ebooks. User notes and bookmarks are easily added and organized in categories. rheaDER also offers two features for automated reading - auto scroll and screen wrap with the ability to add a 'Ribbon' mark to the last paragraph read.

Key features of rheaDER

Multiple eBook Support

Allows you to install multiple eBook databases

Automated Reading Mode

Mode for automated reading with options for auto scrolling the text, Screen Wrap reading and Manual text control

Support for Images

Allows you to view the illustrations available in certain ebooks

Support for Tables

Allows you to view the tables available in certain ebooks


Allows one-tap lookup of the footnotes available in some of the eBooks

User Notes

Allows adding user notes to paragraphs of a particular eBook and organize User Notes in categories


Allows adding bookmarks to paragraphs of a particular eBook and organizing Bookmarks in categories

Text Size Remapping

Allows you to choose between three font sizes

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rheaDER 3.19

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